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In 1810, James Doak (b.1783), son of Shoemaker James Doak Jr. of Londonderry, N.H. was in Prospect, Maine with his first wife Elizabeth (Park). He and Elizabeth were married about 1805 although we have no record of the marriage date or place. James was a Ships' Carpenter and for his whole life, worked in the shipyards at Prospect, Searsport, Swansville, Winterport and Belfast, Maine. He died 1865 at Searsport, Maine and is buried with his wife and his son Darius and wife Martha and two Grandchildren at the Village Cemetery in Searsport. He and Elizabeth had six children. Six Generations of Descendents are shown on the Belfast Family Tree page on this web site.

Name Birth Death Age Occupation Spouse
Alexander Park 1810 1877 67 Military Sarah Davidson
Mary J. P. 1811        
James 1813 1839 26    
Darius 1814 1887 73 Sea Captain Martha Thompson
Martha Rebecca C 1817        
Horace 1821       Louise Emerson

We do know something about Captain Darius Doak and his descendents. His picture is available on an early Tintype and is shown in a publication of the Penobscot Marine Museum of Searsport, Maine. Here is what he looked like:

Captain Darius Doak

Master of the "Casilda" 1847 to 1849, the Brig "Charles Edward" 1850 to 1854, the Brig "Xenophon" 1854 to 1862 and the Brig "Amos M. Roberts from 1862 to 1871.

The "Xenophon" might have been a Naval Ship as it was rammed and then retired by the Navy in 1861.

Darius was 33 when he got his first command. He died 16 years after his last command (Brig Amos M. Roberts) and is buried with his wife Martha in the Village Cemetery off Mt. Ephraim Rd. at Searsport, Maine. His house is still standing and currently in use. Most of the current Doak residents of Belfast are descended from Darius.

Darius Doak Home Doak Family Plot Map of Searsport
Searsport, Maine Village Cemetery  

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