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The first member of the Doak family to arrive in Quebec in the Compton area, was Robert Doak. He traveled to Canada from his home in Londonderry, N.H. in 1810 with his new wife Abigail (Crosby) and her parents Ebenezer and Susannah Crosby.  He was 30 years old when he and Abigail bought 150 Acres of land on the site of the present Vaincourt Farm on Dion Road.  Old records shows this land as Lot 7,  Range 5.  It is a lovely spot on top of a hill overlooking land sloping down to the Coaticooke River. For four generations between 1810 and 1908, the Doak family farmed 250 acres on the original site and another 150 acres on an adjacent farm on top of the hill to the south on Lots 6 and 8, Ranges 4 and 5.  The old Doak farm was known as “The Hermitage” and was a favorite gathering place for Doak family members on special occasions as they occurred over the years. 

Robert was of Scotch descent and came from Doak ancestors that arrived on this continent from Ireland in 1718. Roberts’  Great Grandfather was one of seven brothers, many of whom, it is believed, were on the Ship “Elizabeth” that arrived at Boston on November 18 of that year. His Great Grandfather was a Weaver of Flax and was one of the original settlers of Londonderry, N.H.. Robert was a farmer at Londonderry and purchased 100 acres of land in 1800 from his Father and farmed it for 10 years. His father, James Doak Jr. was a Shoemaker and Farmer. In 1775, his father James Jr.  refused to sign the Association Test which swore allegiance to the American Revolution. It is likely that he was not too popular with his more patriotic Londonderry Community members, and during these years he moved around a lot having a rather hard economic time. All Roberts’ brothers and sisters were born in Londonderry, except for Robert. He was born in 1780 in New Boston, N.H..

By 1815, when his father died in Londonderry, N.H., Robert was well on his way towards improving his new farm near Compton. He had cleared the land, built a house and was busy raising a family. Between 1813 and 1827, he and Abigail had 6 children - two daughters and four sons.  From these beginnings have sprung hundreds of descendents spread over the entire USA including Hawaii.  Several  family trees are shown below.

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