I would like to thank the following people for all the help they have given me in finding the data presented on this Web Site.  They have all shown a willingness to help that has been beyond my expectations. Thanks to you all.

Ann (Crosby) Nicholson    (Is researching the Crosby Line descending from Ebenezer and Susannah Crosby - Both are buried in the Doak Cemetery at Compton, Quebec) Ann is descended from them and is a G G Niece to Abigail Crosby, Robert Doak's wife. Ann lives in Minnesota in the Summer and Arizona in the Winter.

Beth  (Spafford).  Beth is descended from Lucius Pliney Spafford who was Eliza Ann Spafford's brother. Eliza Ann Spafford was James Doak's wife. Beth lives in Massachusetts.

Lynne Milot.  Lynne is a Genealogist and the wife of the Pastor of the Anglican Church  in N. Hatley, Quebec near Compton.

Grant Doak.  Grant is direct descendent of the Doak Line. He is a Lawyer and has offered to share many old Family Records with us.  Along with his brothers Doug and James, Grant was part of the team that restored the Doak Cemetery at Compton.  He also provided the wonderful "Reminiscences of A Great Grandfather" document that has given us such an insight to life in a small town in Canada in the 1800's.

James Crosland Doak.  James lives in Kelowna, B.C.  with his wife Shirley. He is a well known Lawyer in Canada and has had a distinguished career.  James gave me the "Doak's In America" document, unsigned but thought to have been written by his father Haughton A. Doak. He also provided many of the old photos shown on this Web Site.

Lydia Guzman.  Lydia is a warm and friendly volunteer living in Hawaii that spent a lot of time and effort in finding most of the records of the Arthur Burton Doak family that were created by  the immigration of Arthur to Hawaii in 1890 from Compton, Quebec, Canada.

James Matthew Kennedy.  "Matt" is the Great Grandson of Arthur Burton Doak and Hattie Silva and was kind enough to give me a lead to a World Family Tree that listed the descendents of Arthur right up to the present time. Matt lives in Maine.

Barbara Munroe. Barbara is a volunteer researcher that I just "happened across" in my searches for information on the Doak ancestors in Londonderry, N.H. She has been marvelous in the success she has had in digging up information about the Doaks in the Londonderry area. She has found Wills and Land Records that gave me leads on those that lived there in the 1700's.  Wives names and names of children were dug up by her through her research on my behalf. The leads provided by her have given me what I needed to greatly expand our knowledge of the Doaks of the 1700 and 1800's. I was fortunate to be able to meet Barbara on my July 2001 trip to Londonderry and Compton, Quebec. She is a terrific lady.

Sharon Burrill. Sharon is a wonderful lady that I met through the services of the Waldo County (Maine) message board.  She was doing Doak genealogy research for her two sons and came across some of my queries. With her help I have been able to identify a whole line of Doaks descending from James of Londonderry (b. 1783 and locating in Maine in 1810) up to the Doaks currently living in the Belfast area. Sharon is a very warm and engaging person that has put many hours into visiting cemeteries, taking pictures, researching vital records and in chatting via e-mail with me about the Doak family. She has given freely of her time and endured considerable expense in helping me gain knowledge about the Doak's of Belfast. I am very grateful to her for her help.

Kirsten Straight.  Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge about the Doak line, across all Clans. I can rarely find a fact that she does not already know about. She has several very authoritative narratives available on the Internet, and has given me much information and encouragement in my search for Doak information in New England and Pennsylvania. I  look forward to reading her future writings on the Doak line in the hopes her data will fill in some of the gaps that are obvious on this Web Site.

Walter Glenn Doak III.  Glen is a Presbyterian Minister for a large church at Athens, Ga..  He is descended from Robert Doak, who arrived 1780 at South Strabane Township in Washington County, western Pennsylvania.  Glenn has give me a wealth of information about his ancestors and has been working with me over a two year period to connect his line of Doak's to the Robert Doak of Boston 1718.  I deeply appreciate his willingness to stay in touch and to share information on his family tree as time goes by.

Nancy Rebecca (Goudy) Doak -  Nancy just happened to check into the Doak Genealogy Web Site and sent me an email asking if I knew of a James Doak born about 1830.  I checked my database and reported back to her that I had a James Doak married to the wife that Nancy had named for me.  After that we quickly determined that her husband Don, was descended from James Wilson Doak of Greensboro, Guilford County, N.C. Nancy graciously agreed to give me the family tree from her husband back to James Wilson Doak.  I had previously not had that data and am very grateful for Nancy's help.  We now know that there is a Doak Clan, descended from the Boston 1718 Immigrant Robert Doak, that is  alive and well at Kokomo, Indiana.