Current Happenings


On this page we will tell you what we are currently working on and Who is working with us.

South Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Lloyd M. Kelley has contacted us and given us some valuable information about the Washington County, Pa. Doak's.  He has provided a "Doak History" written about 1920 by Chester Doak and his father Boyd Doak.  He has also been kind enough to give us a hard copy of a family tree for his family.  He was searching for Mathew Doak and wanted to know the father of Mathew.  We have been able to find the father and the grandfather for him.  Both were in Washington County, starting about 1780.  We still do not know if the Grandfather, Robert Doak, was an immigrant or the son of James Doak of Londonderry, N.H. We continue to work on that.

Compton, Quebec, Canada.  We were delighted to be contacted by William Anderson, giving us the name of Henry Edgar Doak and asking if he could possibly be a member of our clan.   Henry E. Doak Jr. was in Hawaii during WW II and was an entertainer there. He had a daughter while there, Mildred Rosalie Doak.  She is the mother of William Anderson, who has just contacted us.  William now knows as a result of vising our Web Site that his family line goes back to the 1718 Doak's of Boston.  He checked our Web  page on Hawaii and was startled to see a picture of Arthur Burton Doak that was an exact match to one that he has hanging on the wall of his home.

John Doak of Londonderry, N.H.  We continue to dig for data on John Doak of old Donegal. We plan on joining Kirsten Straight and her family on a junket to Lancaster County to mine the old records there for information that will prove that John, Samuel and David and their mother Margaret were all members of the same family and migrated in the late 1720's to Donegal. Several convincing proofs have already been found, but more is to be dug out.  I am hopeful that we as we mine this data we will find land records for Robert Doak and HIS son Robert in and around Maytown in Lancaster County starting in 1800 or maybe as early as 1760.  I think there is a reasonable possibility that Robert Doak born 1728 at Boston, followed in the footsteps of his Uncles and went to what eventually became Maytown in the center of what was the old Donegal area.  This Robert had at least two wives and up to 9 children.  Some of these children were undoubtedly born at Maytown starting in 1760.

Kokomo, Indiana.    On May 1, 2005 we were contacted  by Nancy Rebecca (Goudy) Doak wanting to know if we knew anything about her husband's ancestor James Wilson Doak  born 1837 and married to Martha Scott.  We said we had that information and it turns out that for one hundred years there have been Doak's living in and around Kokomo, Indiana (Howard and Marion counties) that are related to Robert Doak of Boston 1718.  James Wilson Doak had a son William Bosley Doak that chose not to remain in Greensboro, N.C. with his family.  Instead, sometime after 1891, he went to Marion County, Indiana and raised his family. Today, there are still many Doak's in Kokomo that are related back to the Boston immigrant of 1718 through William Bosley Doak.  Nancy and her son William Vincent have been kind enough to give us the entire Doak family tree back to the Greensboro beginnings.