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Places (Towns) where Doaks have settled.

Here are the Places where Three or more generations of Doak Clan members have lived.

All  the Families listed here are descended from one Immigrant - Robert Doak of Boston 1718

Descriptions are not detailed. See Family Tree for more precise Information. Most Individuals are Deceased.

Londonderry, New Hampshire - 1718 to 1800.

Original Settler - Robert Doak b. about 1672 in Ireland

Robert Doak, sons James and John, Grandson James Jr. and Wife Jennet and eight children. (See the Page on Londonderry)  There are NO Doak descendents of this line now living in Londonderry, N.H.

Compton, Quebec, Canada - 1810 to 1907.

Original Settler - Robert Doak b. 1780 d. 1859, son of James Doak Jr.

Robert Doak and Abigail Crosby. They had the following children: son  James and Wife Eliza Ann (Spafford) and eleven children, Son Oliver and Wife Julia Stimson and seven children, Son William Robert and Wife Anne (Jenkins) and two children, Son George W. (died in Childhood), Daughter Elizabeth Louise and Husband  George Frederick Spafford and  four children, Daughter Susan Jane and Husband Arthur Snow and three children. In addition, there were a number of nieces and nephews of both Robert and Abigail. There are NO Doak descendents of this line now living in the Compton area.

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - 1880 to 1999

Original Settler - Arthur Burton Doak, b. 1860 d. 1923, son of Oliver Avery Doak.

Arthur Burton Doak and Wife Hattie (Silva) had seven children, Son Henry E. and Wife Roseline (Enos), Son Arthur Burton Doak Jr. and Wife Dorothy (Jones) and two children, Daughter Julia, Daughter Emily E. and Husband Blalock, Daughter Katy W., Daughter Cecilia and Husband Stone, Daughter Frances and Husband Foares. There are NO Doak descendents of this line now living in Hawaii.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 1935 to 2001

Original Settler - Haughton A. Doak b. 1889 d. 1978, son of Robert William Doak.

Haughton A. Doak and Wife Rosalind (Crosland) and one child, Son James B. and Wife Shirley Mae (Smith) and four children and four Grandchildren.  The Doak Clan in the Vancouver Area is alive and well.

Bradford, Vermont - 1795 to 1853

Original Settlers - Margaret and Martha Doak, b. 1771 and 1773, daughters of James Doak Jr.

Margaret Doak and Husband David Wilson had eight children and many Grandchildren.  Her sister, Martha Doak and Husband John McDuffee had eleven children and many Grandchildren.

This entry ends in 1853 when Margaret dies. Martha died young in 1823 at age 49. We have not tracked the Wilson and McDuffee descendents. There are many of them, some probably still living in the area.

Belfast, Maine - 1810 to Present Time

Original Settler - James Doak   b. 1783 - son of James Doak Jr.

James Doak and his first wife Elizabeth (Park) had six children - Darius (Captain) and wife Martha (Thompson) and seven children, Alexander and his wives Phebe, Sarah and Arletta and their one child, and the remainder ( James, Horace, Mary, and Martha.) we don't yet know too much about.

James' second wife was Mary and there were no children by that marriage.

One of Darius' sons, George Randolph, had seven children and descendents of that line still live in the Belfast, Maine area.

Donegal, Pennsylvania - 1724 to Circa 1737     (Donegal has disappeared. It used to centered  on a line drawn between Marietta, Pa. and Mt. Joy, Pa.)

Original Settler - John Doak  b. Circa 1695 - son of Robert Doak who Arrived 1718.

John Doak sold his land in Londonderry, N.H. in 1724 and noted his home as "Donegar", Pa. at the time of the sale. It was in fact Donegal. We think he was at Donegal for about 13 years with his mother and father (Robert and Margaret of Londonderry, N.H.). When they died he married a "Mary" and sold his Pennsylvania holdings and moved to Virginia.  His "brother" Samuel and his sister Thankful were also in Donegal during this period and went to Virginia when John relocated there.

South Strabane, Pennsylvania - 1785 to the present. (Near Washington, Pa.)

Original Settler - Robert Doak and his Son William, "out of Harrisburg".  1780

We are currently trying to establish that Robert Doak  of South Strabane came from Londonderry, N.H.

Boston, Massachusetts - 1714 to the present.

There are numerous entries in Boston Record books showing the existence of Doak individuals in the Boston Community starting after 1718. It is almost certain that these individuals were part of the Doak family arriving on the "Elizabeth" in 1718. Because they did NOT go to New Hampshire with Robert Doak or to Pennsylvania, they stayed in Boston and made their life there. We think that these individuals were the brothers and sisters of Robert Doak and his family.  Family lore says that Robert had six brothers (no sisters were mentioned, but there must have been some) and we think that some of those brothers stayed in Boston.

Greensboro, N.C.  - 1761 to the present.

Original Settler - John Doak  b. circa 1695 - son of Robert Doak who arrived 1718

In 1761, John Doak, Immigrant to Boston from Northern Ireland finally arrived at Guilford County, N.C..  We think he died there about 1770. He had come to America in 1718 with his parents, Robert and Margaret and many siblings. He had an amazing life and spent years at Londonderry, N.H., Donegal Pennsylvania (Chester/Lancaster County, Tinkling Springs, Augusta County, Va., then south down the Shennadoah Valley to Guilford County, N.C.. He had a large family of 8 children including three sons.  His son James Wilson Doak fought in the Revolutionary War and was rewarded for his efforts with 5000 acres of land in Tennessee. Seven of the children left with their parents to pioneer in Tennessee and only James Wilson stayed in Guilford County where his large family soon had County well populated with Doak Families.  There are still Doak's in Greensboro today that are descended from the original Doak family. There are also African American Doak's in the area that are the descendents of the slaves owned by the Doak families, and that were freed after the Civil War.  The ex-slaves took their owners last name.

Kokomo, Indiana - 1895 to the present.

Orignal Settler - William Bosley Doak, Son of James Wilson Doak Jr. of Greensboro, Guilford County, N.C.

In 1891, William Bosley Doak, a  GGGrandson of Robert Doak, and a son of James Wilson Doak Jr. and Martha Scott, left North Caroline for the midwest. By the late 1800's they were raising children in Marion County and Howard County (Kokomo) Indiana.  For a hundred years, the Doak's have lived in and around Kokomo and they are still there today.  I am very pleased that through the kindness of Nancy Rebecca Doak of Albuquerque, N.M. who was born and raised in Kokomo, we now have a complete family tree for William Bosley Doak and his descendents at Kokomo.  I have long wondered if any of the midwestern Doak's were related back to Immigrant Robert and now we know that some of them are.


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