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On this page we will list Doak items for sale.  We are always looking for these and sometimes they are expensive to obtain.  Sorry about the prices.  Any profit we make on these items goes to help pay for the cost of maintaining this Web Site.  We have been footing the bill for 5 years now and have decided to see if we can generate a little income for the Site.  If you see something you want, just send an email to describing the item you want.  You can pay via PayPal if you have that service, or you can mail payment to us at:

John Doak,  18806 Fairway Green Dr.,  Hudson, Fl.  34667

Shipping for all items is $5.00 unless otherwise stated.

Doak Family - History and Genealogy by B. E. Hanes Private Reprint by John R. Doak Jr.  (2006)  
This is a 100 page softcover book with spiral plastic binding. The 6 photos inside the book are fairly good reproductions.

Book layout is complete and exactly like the original Hanes book.
This book is fairly hard to find. If you think you are descended from the W.Va.  Doak/Malseed group, you will want this book.

Price is for soft cover reprint is $19.00.  Hard Cover is $32.00 Price for an original copy is $60.00


Web Site Graphics (Pictures, Maps, Etchings)    
  We can make copies of any graphic you see on the web site and mail these to you. The charge is $5.00 for 8 1/2" by 11" copy on card stock. Mailing fee is $2.50 per order (up to 10 copies). To Order, send us an email at and tell us what graphic you want copied. Give us your address. We will then give you a total cost.
  We can also make large wall sized (approximately 23" by 30") copies for you, on paper.  Some maps make very nice wall charts for your genealogy room. Price depends on size and quality of paper. Payment can be by PayPal if you use that service, or by Check or MO.   No Credit Cards - Sorry.


Doak Tavern Coin (Tokens) Set    
Here is a set of four coins as issued by Doak Tavern, formerly at Seaside, Oregon. Coins like this, at one time, were very popular with merchants on the West Coast as a means of capturing repeat business.  They were issued privately by the merchant and sold, probably for less than face value, for cash. They could be used at the establishment like real money for as long as the establishment remained in business.

You are buying a nickel, a dime, a quarter and a dollar coin in this set. Full sets like this are quite rare.

Price is $50.00 for the set.

We also have a single 5 cent coin for $10.00.



Map of Boston - 1722    
Here is an early map of Boston, by Capt. John Bonner.  It is called the Bonner Map and is the earliest map of Boston that shows actual streets and buildings in the town.  It shows what the pioneers in this country were able to produce in 90 years.

The price of this map is $5.00 plus $2.50 shipping. Lamination costs an additional $3.00.  The size is 8 1/2" by 11" and can be printed on White, Ivory or light green card stock. Wall map sizes (about 23" by 30")  are also available for $10.00 in paper or $22.00 laminated.


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - Samuel Doak b. 1648

Five Generations of Descendents

If you do not want to print out parts of a Tree and then tape them together, you can buy this 3' by 4' Descendent Chart for Samuel Doak that shows hundreds of his descendents in 5 Generations.  This 3' by 4' chart is on heavy paper and is folded for mailing. It shows 5 Generations descended from Samuel Doak of Ireland. This includes his son Robert of Boston, Robert's children including James, John, David, William, Robert and Samuel, the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.  Birth and death dates and places are shown, when known. We show only 5 Generations because more than that would not fit on one chart and be readable. Other charts are available showing 5 Generations descending from Roberts Doak's  sons.  Get all of them for an excellent picture of this family, 1718 through 1800's.
  This chart contains Family Tree information accumulated by John R. Doak Jr. and represents HIS opinion of how this family promulgated itself.  It may eventually be proved that some of his data is wrong. Some persons may have accidentally been omitted.  Some persons may be erroneously included. That being said, this chart is probably the most accurate record you will find, showing on one sheet, 5 generations of the early Doak family in America.

This chart is Copyright 2006 by John R. Doak Jr.

Price is $10.00.

Folded version shipping is $2.00. Shipped rolled in 3' cardboard cylinder is $7.00.


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - James Doak N.H.

Five Generations of Descendents

  This 3' by 4' chart is on heavy paper and is folded for mailing. It shows 5 generations descending from James Doak and Martha Sterling Rankin of Londonderry, N.H.. It starts with James and shows his Children, Grandchildren, Greatgrandchildren and 2nd greatgrandchildren. Birth and death dates and places are shown where known. NA - In Process.


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - John Doak - Donegal    
    N/A - In Process


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - David Doak - Va.    
    N/A - In Process


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - William Doak - Boston    
    N/A - In Process


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - Robert Doak - Va.    
    N/A - In Precess


Doak Family Tree Wall Chart - Samuel Doak - Va.    
    N/A - In Process