On this Page are listed some of the Pioneer women of the Doak Clan. There will be the name of the husband and maybe some anecdotal information too. This is not a database so the entries will not be in any kind of order and will be subject to my whims of when I felt like making an entry. All these ladies were from the 1700's and 1800's.

Abigail Crosby b. 1793 and married Robert Doak in 1810 at Sutton, N.H. Abigail's parents were Ebenezer  and Susannah (Kimball) Crosby. Abigail was 17 when she married Robert who we think was 30 at the time. She and Robert packed up all their belongings and headed for the wilderness of Canada in the cold of the Winter of 1810. They eventually reached their new home, a 150 acre farm,  near  Compton, Quebec. They started a family of Doak's that lived in the Compton area for one hundred years. Abigail died in 1885 at age 93 and is buried in the Doak Family cemetery on Dion Road next to the Vaillancourt Farm at Compton, Quebec.

Margaret M., wife of Robert Doak, immigrant of 1718. We know of Margaret only because her name appears on the Land Record of 1725 when she and Robert sold their farm in Londonderry, N.H.. Her maiden name might have been Marchant.

Martha Rankin Sterling, married James Doak of Londonderry on August 5, 1726 at Boston. We do not yet know  her birth date, birth place or date and place of death. She probably died at Londonderry, N.H. were she and James lived out their lives. Prior to marrying James, Martha was married to Mr.  Sterling and had a son by him by the name of Hugh. Her son lived in Londonderry also.

Elizabeth, wife of John Doak, son of James Doak who was the son of immigrant Robert Doak of 1718. We know of Elizabeth, because she shows up on N.H. Land Records starting about 1758. She also shows up as the Executrix of his estate. We looked for a Will for John Doak but eventually found out that he died intestate..  

Jannet (Jannat, Janat, Janet, Jane) Boyes, b. Sept. 11, 1744. Wife of James Doak Jr., who was the son of James Doak and Martha Rankin Sterling. Jannet was the daughter of Robert Boyes (Boice,Boys) who was one of the original settlers of Londonderry. Robert Boyes was quite wealthy when he died in 1768. It was the land and assets from HIS estate that were left to Jannat that made John Jr. so well off late in his life. Jannet gave birth to 9 children. We don't know the death date or place for Jannet but was almost certainly after 1815.

Margaret Doak, Daughter of James Jr. and Jannet Doak. b. April 16, 1771. d. March 6, 1853. Married David Wilson and lived in Bradford, Vt. and they were farmers. She and David had 8 children. Margaret is buried in Wrights' Cemetery on Wrights' Mountain just outside Bradford, Vt..

Martha Doak, Daughter of James Jr. and Jannet Doak. b. May 12, 1773 and died at the relatively young age or 49 in 1822.  She married John McDuffie about 1795 in Bradford, Vt.. She and John had 11 children. She and her sister Margaret (above) lived on opposite sides of Wrights' Mountain and used to walk around the mountain to visit each other. Martha reportedly died in Bradford and is buried in Upper Plains cemetery although this is not yet confirmed.

Nancy Marchant Doak, Daughter of James Jr. and Jannet Doak, b. Sept. 13, 1788 at Londonderry, N.H. Married Samuel Durant Feb. 2, 1809 at Dracut, Mass. They had at least two children. No other information.

Betty (Betsie) Doak, Daughter of James Jr. and Jannet Doak, b. March 8, 1781. Married John Orne from Lyndeboro, N.H. on Feb. 13, 1803. No further information.