North Carolina
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John Doak, son of Robert Doak and Margaret M. Doak of Boston, 1718, went to near what is now Elizabethtown, Pa. about 1722. From there, he went to Tinkling Springs, Va. (Augusta County) about 1737 with his new wife Mary Wilson. They had eight children.  The fifth son was James Wilson Doak.  James was a Capt. in the Revolutionary War and was eventually rewarded for his service with 5000 acres of new land at Murfreesboro, Tn..  He and his wife Polly had eight children and moved down the Shannandoah Valley to Guilford County, N.C. by 1775.  In 1799 James Wilson Doak and 7 or his 8 children migrated west to Murfreesboro, leaving one son, James Wilson Doak Jr. to stay in Guilford County to farm on Reedy Creek and raise his family there.  On these pages we will try to document his descendents and other Doak's of the area as we identify them.