Nutfield, N.H. (Londonderry)
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In the early 1700's, the British Crown was interested in promoting colonization of the Americas and as part of the process for doing so, was making land grants to individual "Proprietors" and then as these Proprietors cleared their land and pooled their talents and industry with their neighbors to create communities. The King in  Great Britain would then "Charter" these communities into "Towns".

Robert Doak (arriving November 3, 1718 from Ireland) was one of these original proprietors. He and other pioneers set off as a group to the wilderness of New Hampshire where 19 Plots of 60 acres has been assigned to them for development. They cleared the trees and built primitive log dwellings and started tilling the soil of their farms.  The 19 Proprietors called their community "Nutfield".  It is reported that they chose that name  because of the large number of Nut trees they found there.

Maps (drawings) are available on this Web site showing the layout of the original town. Robert had one plot and his sons James and John  owned one other.

By 1722 the community had grown and Robert and James had increased their holdings. Maps show that they each had three plots in that year. That would be about 180 acres each. It was generally felt that at least 50 acres was needed to eke out a living. So the Doak's had enough to live comfortably provided they were industrious in working the land in an intelligent manner.  Robert's holding eventually grew to 536 acres when he sold out in 1725.

In 1722 the British Crown chartered the town and it was renamed after the hometown of many of the residents - "Londonderry" - for Londonderry in Northern Ireland.