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It is your Web Master belief that many Doak individuals were on the ship "Elizabeth" when it docked at Boston in late 1718.  No records of passengers were kept in those days of those disembarking at Boston nor were records kept of those going aboard ships in Ireland. So we are left to surmised what was true from a few meager records that do exist.  The only record we actually have of Doak arrivals was a notice in the Boston Selectmans' Minutes of 1719 stating that Robert Doak and two sons were "warned out" of Boston after arriving on the "Elizabeth".  Only passengers stating they intended to stay in Boston were subject to being warned out.  Other passengers could leave the ship and head off for other places with no record ever being made of their having been aboard the ship or in Boston. After 1718, other records start showing up, proving that Doak individuals were marrying and having children all around the Boston area and as far west as Pennsylvania. It is probably true that only Robert is shown as being warned out along with his two sons who were "of age".  Other members of his large family, including his wife, would not be mentioned.  Other members of his family such as brothers, sisters and aunts and uncles might also not be mentioned at the time. Many records are available later at many geographic locations mentioning these people by name. It is from these records and by exercising some logic, that your Web Master has drawn up a family tree reflecting the Doak family members where were probably on the "Elizabeth" in 1718.  All entries in the Tree can be proven as real people that lived in actual places. Where your Web Master has exercised some judgment is in the connection between individuals.  It will be left to future Doak researchers to either proof or disprove the contents of this tree.

  Descendents of Samuel Doak of Ireland - Arrived aboard the "Elizabeth" in 1718.  Starts with Samuel's son Robert, immigrant to Boston 1718.
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