Here is an assortment of pictures of Doak folks.

All the folks you see on this page are descended from Robert and Margaret Doak that arrived at Boston in 1718.

In the group of pictures shown below, you will see folks that are all descended from James Doak of Londonderry, N.H.. This James was a son of Robert and Margaret.

The Line goes:  Robert Doak 1718, son James, Son James Jr., Son Robert (went to Compton 1810).

Everyone you see below is descended from the Doak group that went from Londonderry, N.H. to Compton, Que, Canada in 1810.

Julia Snow and Harriet Ruthvin Algernon and George O Algernon Sidney Edith Mary and Robert William Gertrude Lillian Haughton and Rosland James C. and Shirley Rosland Smith Doak

Violet Tisdale and John Reginald 1908 Sara (Obviously the Year is wrong on the photo) Shirley, wife of James C. Rosland (Smith) Doak and her son James C. Muriel Doak Hodges Florence Doak John Reginald 1909 James Crosland Doak


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Muriel Louisa;  Sara; Haughton, Rose, Shirley and James Croswell; Amy Violet Tisdale; and Eliza Rebecca and Amy Violet Tisdale.

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John Reginald Doak Sr./John Reginald Doak Jr./Marcella Ann (Moody) Doak (1997);   (Front Row) - Gertrude Lillian, Friend, Muriel (Rear Row) Eliza Rebecca, Robert William Doak (Circa 1912 at Keene, N.H.)

In the group of pictures below, you will find some very nice pictures of a Doak clan that is descended from Robert and Margaret.

These folks are descended from Robert and Margaret's son David b. 1710.

The Line goes like this:  Robert Doak, Son David, Son Robert, Son David, Son William Robinson, Son Charles Henry, Daughter Byrdie Doak Sanderson.


Picture Above

Bill Sanderson Family at Grape Harvest time in Sonoma, Ca.  That is Bill on the Right.

This is Bill's Mom Byrdie Doak Sanderson age 2. Byrdie in 1899 Byrdie Grown Up Byrdie's Dad, Charles Henry Doak about 1893 Charles Henry Doak later in life.  

Picture Above

Charles Henry Doak and his wife Alice (Fielder)

The C.H. Doak house at Odonnell, Texas

With the permission of Bill Sanderson, here is his family tree. Jewell Doak Jewell Doak's Daughter Thomas and Maggie Doak married 50 years.  

A very nice Family Book has been published (2006) by Bill Sanderson.  Contact Bill HERE if you would like a copy.

Here is a group of Doak's that hail from Amwell (South Strabane), Pennsylvania.  This group descends from Robert Doak who was granted land in 1785 called "Doak Plains".

(Web Master's Note:)  While not proven, we feel fairly certain that THIS Robert Doak was born 1728 at Boston, Ma. and was the first son of James Doak and Martha Rankin of Londonderry, N.H.

The line goes like this:  Robert of "Doak Plains" 1785, son William, Son William, son Robert, son Adam J., son William Clarence and son Leonard Gordon (the author of this book).