This Site is the personal project of John Reginald Doak Jr.. It is an amateur's attempt to provide a central place for all information relating to the Doak Clan. It is hoped that the data residing on these pages will be copied and distributed in hard copy form and in file form by the many future visitors to this site. It is hoped that the sheer volume of this distribution will give the information a permanency that it would not otherwise enjoy.  We need to emphasize that this site should not be used as the final word on data. Some of what we present is "hearsay" and has not been fully and accurately researched. We are trying to tell a story about the Doak surname which will be interesting to read. Some of what we say will "be a stretch" not backed by documented data.  These "conjectures not based on documented fact" occur when we feel there is a reasonable probability that  certain connections existed but  are un-provable at this time. The visitor will have to be able to make his or her own judgment about the accuracy or validity of what we present here. When facts become available to disprove or correct what we present here, we will willingly make the required changes.

We will concentrate on the Robert Doak of 1718 line of the Doak Family Tree. If there is enough interest, and the expense for us does not get out of hand, we may include other lines of Doak's such as the Squire Doak line that started in 1815 with the founding of the  town of Doaktown, N.B. in 1825. There is also an extensive line of Doak's in the Lynn, Mass. and Marblehead area that we have not been able to connect to our line. They are very early, possibly predating the 1718 arrival date of our Robert Doak.

This Site is a "work in progress" and is not complete. It is our intent to keep modifying it as new information comes in. We will try to identify "mysteries" about our Clan and fill in the answers as they are uncovered. Users will be invited to provide input about our Clan. As we screen this info, we will add it to the Site as appropriate.

We offer a simple "Membership" input form for Users wanting to add their name to the list of Doak family members accessing this Site. E-Mail addresses will be posted only with the Member's written permission. We feel the Membership feature will allow us to do the following:

bulletMaintain a "List" of Doak's that are currently alive and interested in the History of the Doak name, and said list will also provide the Surnames (Maiden names) for the women that have married Doak men.
bulletPublicize Family members names and general location,  and optionally an E-Mail address, to encourage communications with each other so we can gain as much information as possible about our Clan.

The "Comments" section on the Membership form can be used to give us feedback, or visitors can simply e-mail their comments to:  doak@doak.ws.


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