On this Page you will find a list of Reference materials that seem appropriate for doing research on the Doak Clan and other related Surnames. In some cases, an e-mail address is provided so you can contact the owner of the reference and ask for a quick check to see if your Family Surname is contained in the Reference.  Please remember that Searches take time and that this is a Volunteer effort and done as a favor to you.

You can also find these References at Libraries and On-Line book stores ( ( and at auctions such as E-Bay ( or Yahoo ( There are Links here to some of our favorite Sites. We are not recommending these Sites - we are simply saying that they DO exist and you should check them out and form your own opinions. We DO NOT at present offer any books for sale on this Site.

The format for the entries shown below is as follows:  Title in Red, Author (Last Name First), Publication date, Number of Pages, Years Covered, Publisher and Initials of Owner of Book.

"Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions in N.H.","Goss, Mrs Charles Carpenter",1942,160,"1913-1942",,"Clearfield","jrd"

"British Origins of American Colonists, 1629-1775","Dollarhide, William",1997,61,"1629-1775",,"Heritage Quest","jrd"

"Compton in Retrospect 1880-1950","Bellavance, Marcel",,140,"1880-1950",,"Parcs Canada","jrd"

"A Village in Transition: Compton, Quebec 1880-1920","Bellavance, Marcel",1982,84,"1880-1920",,"Parks Canada","jrd"

"Port Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston","Whitmore, William H.",1973,110,"1715-1716 and 1762-1769",,"Clearfield","jrd"

"Ships from Ireland to Early America 1623-1850","Dobson, David",1999,153,"1623-1850",,"Clearfield","jrd"

"Immigrant Ancestors","Virkus, Frederick Adams",1942,75,"Before 1750",,"GPC","jrd" "Immigrants to New England, 1700-1775","Bolton, Ethel Stanwood",1931,235,"1700-1775",,"GPC","jrd"

"Vital Records of Londonderry, N.H. 1719-1910","Annis, Daniel Gage",1914,320,"1719-1910",,"GPC","jrd"

"Windsor County Vermont Probate Index 1778-1899","Scott Andrew Bartley and Marjorie-J. Bartley",2000,547,"1778-1899",,"Genealogical Society of Vermont","br"

"Vermont Warnings Out Vol 1: Northern Vermont","Alden M. Rollins",1995,430,"1785-1818",,"Picton Press","br"

"Vermont Warnings Out Vol 2: Southern Vermont","Alden M. Rollins",1997,594,"1768-1818",,"Picton Press","br"

"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Volume 13 Family of William White","Originally compiled by Ruth Wilder Sherman, FASG and Robert Moody Sherman, CG, FASG Re-edited by Robert S. Wakefield, FASG",1997,175,"1620-late 1700's",,"General Society of Mayflower Descendants","br"

"Protestant Church Records in Richmond and Drummond Counties Births Marriages Deaths","compiled by George Skilling and collaborators",1999,"pages aren't numbered","1818-1925",,"La Société de Généalogie des Cantons de l'Est Inc","br"

"Naissances Births 1815-1879 District of Saint-Francis from the Church Records of sixteen religious denominations, catholics not included, 2 volumes",,1991,1240,"1815-1879",,"La Société de Généalogie des Cantons de l'Est Inc","br"

"Mariages Marriages 1815-1879 District of Saint-Francis from the Church Records of sixteen religious denominations, catholics not included, 2 volumes",,1987,774,"1815-1879",,"La Société de Généalogie des Cantons de l'Est Inc","br"

"Deces Deaths 1815-1879 District of Saint-Francis from the Church Records of sixteen religious denominations, catholics not included, 2 volumes",,1992,791,"1815-1879",,"La Société de Généalogie des Cantons de l'Est Inc","br"

"Index to the Richford, Vt. Gazette and Journal-Gazette 1880-1957","compiled by Marlene Simmons",1994,213,"1880-1957",,"Quebec Family History Society","br"

"Alphabetical Index to the Land Grants by the Crown In the Province of Quebec from 1763 to 31st Decemeber 1890 volumes A-Y/Z",,,,"1763-1890",,"Quebec Family History Society","br"

"History of Compton County and Sketches of the Eastern Townships, District of St. Francis, and Sherbrooke County","L. S. Channell",1896,,"1692-1896",,"L. S. Channell","br"

"Illustrated Atlas of the Eastern Townships and South Western Quebec","originally published by H. Belden & Co. 1881",1972,,,,"Ross Cumming","br"

"Men of Today in the Eastern Townships",,1917,,,,"Sherbrooke Record Company","br"

"A Dictionary of English Surnames","Reaney & Wilson",1997,520,,,"Oxford","jrd"

"Genealogical Research in England's Pub Rec Off","Reid, Judith Prowse",1996,148,,,"GPC","jrd"

"Irish Records - Sources for Family and Local History","Ryan, James G.",1997,668,,49.95,"Ancestry.","jrd"

"History of Compton County (Quebec)","Channel, L.S.","18xx",,,,,"acn"

"Descendants of Ebenezer and Susannah Kimball Crosby","Potter, R.K.",1972,,,,"LDS","acn"

"Reminiscences of a Great Grandfather (c)","James Henry Doak (1874-1961)",1955,,,,"Private","gd/jrd"

"The Doaks In America (c)","Haughton A. Doak (1889-1978)",1957,,,,"Private","jrd"

"Collection of Notes on Crosby Family (c)","Edwin L. Crosby, MD",1972,,,,,

"History of Stanstead County Province of Quebec","Hubbard, B. F.",,,,,, "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. CSSIV, 10/1970. pp 241-249.","Hugh Sterling",,,,,,

"Returns to the County Court of Worcester 1737-1788","Blake, Francis E. Warnings",1992,,,,"Picton Press",

"The Doak Family","French, Janie Preston Collup",,,,,, "History of Windham in New Hampshire 1719-1883","Morrison, Leonard A.",1883,,,,"Cupples Upton & Co.",

"History of Londonderry, N.H.","Parker, Rev. Edward L.",1851,,,,"Perkins and Whipple",

"Report of Record Commissioners of the City of Boston Containing the Records of Boston Selectmen, 1716-1736.","Public Records",1885,,,,"Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers",

"Willey's Book of Nutfield: A History of New Hampshire comprised within the Limits of the Old township of Londonderry.","Willey, George F.",1895,,,,"By Author - Privately published",

"The Scotch-Irish: A Social History ","Leyburn, James L.",1962,,,,"University of N.C. Press",jrd

"Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Maine","Clearfield",jrd

"Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - New Hampshire","Clearfield",jrd

"The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology","McBride, Ian",1997,,,,"Four Courts Press - Dublin",jrd

"A History of Bradford, Vermont","McKeen, Rev. Silas",2000,,,,"Heritage Classics",jrd

"Windows on the Past","Gagel, Diane VanSkiver",2000,,,,"Heritage",jrd

"A Dictionary of English Surnames",Reaney, P. H.,1997,,,,"Oxford Press",jrd

"The History of Scotland","Fry, Peter and Fiona Somerset",1982,,,,"Barnes and Noble",jrd

"Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia","Squire, Romilly",1998,,,,"Barnes and Noble",jrd

"Scotland","Blundell, Nigel",1998,,,,"Barnes and Noble",jrd

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