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Shown below are some assumptions that we have made on this Web Site.  We have put a "Source" button there to point you to the documentation if we have any.

Robert Doak Arrived Boston November 3, 1718 aboard the ship "Elizabeth". Boston Record Commission - Selectmen's Minutes Vol. 13, p. 63
James Doak "from Virginia" warned out of Boston July 17, 1725. Boston Record Commission - Selectmen's Minutes. Vol. 13, p. 141
Robert Doak had at least two sons, James and John. Willey's Book of Nutfield - Map on p. 8 showing Plots assigned to early Settlers.
James Doak and his father Robert did not have a good relationship. Parker's Londonderry Book. P. 134
James and John Doak were brothers. Deed for sale of John's half of the 60 acre plot to "my brother" James. Book 15 p. 144
Sale of Robert Doak's 500 acres in 1725 Deed of sale dated 12/21/1725. Book 14 p.349
2nd proof James Doak (1719 Londonderry, N.H.) and father were not friends. Property sold outside the family in Dec. 1725. Deed of sale. Sold to John Campbell of Boston
Margaret H. Doak (Miss) Letter List - 1848 - Post Office Greensboro, NC
James W. (Wilson) Doak Appointed as Delegate to the District Congressional Convention April 22, 1848 (Guilford Genealogist V29, #4, Fall 2002 Issue 99 P. 199
James W. Doak Railroad meeting at Guilford, N.C. Appointed Delegate to the Salisbury Convention. May 20, 1848 (Guilford Genealogist V29, #4, Fall 2002 P. 201
James W. Doak Announces as candidate for House of Commons June 24, 1848 (Guilford Genealogist V29, #4, P. 203
Catherine Matilda Doak (Miss) Daughter of the "Late" Col. William Doak married Jehu W. Beeson on Sept. 4, 1847 (The Guilford Genealogist Vol 29, #3, Issue 98 P.142)
Nancy W. Doak Daughter of James W. Doak married to John A. Bain Nov. 28, 1846. (Guilford Genealogist V29, #1, Issue 96, P. 18)
Denny Doak (born about 1786/96) Died of Cancer June 16th 1846 at Greensboro, NC. (Greensborough Patriot Marriages, Deaths)
Many more "proofs" are shown below.  


The following is a list of “Proofs” for Doak people during the 1700’s in America.

Robert Doak

“At a meeting of the Presbytery, in September, 1740, ‘Robert Doak and Daniel Dennison, from Virginia, declared in the name of the congregation of Shenandoah, their adherence to the call formerly presented to Mr. Craig;’ “. From Annals of Augusta County by Waddell p. 39. (This Robert Doak COULD have been an old man in 1740.) (Possible candidate for Robert Doak of Londonerry 1718 - would have been about 68 or 70 at the time. - Not likely, but is possible.)

Robert Doak

Colonel Robert Doak was a Revolutionary War Veteran, (1776), an elder in the Bethel Presbyterian church (1798), a Representative to the House of Delegates (Virginia - 1812), raised troops in 1813 and resigned his commission when he was not given command, was a high sheriff of the country and died March 1832 near Bethel Church, Virginia. (Waddell P. 390, 392, 416) (If he was 80 at the time, he would have been born 1752, so can’t be the Robert Doak of 1740 mentioned above.)

A “Mary Doak” was on the Tax List of West Caln, Pa. in 1753. (West Caln Taxables 1753, p. 169)

Mary married a Henry Doak prior to 1739. They had three daughters and one son William from 1742 up. William was the last born. Henry died in 1752 and is buried in Caln. William is unknown, but he did not inherit the farm when Henry died - a daughter Susanna did. The farm was 107 acres and was in the family from 1739 when Henry bought it, until 1814.

Lydia Doak, on October 25, 1739 married Charles Follet at Boston. ( Database Boston, Massachusetts Marriages 1700-1809.)

Elizabeth Doak, on January 31, 1760 married Nathaniel Fosdick at Boston (Same source as Lydia Doak)

Tabitha Doak, on December 29, 1763 married Benjamin Davis at Boston (Same source as Lydia Doak)

John Doak, on March 11, 1770 married Hannah Ridgway at Boston (Same Source as Lydia Doak)

Mary Doak, on March 22, 1781, married John Heines at Boston (Same source as Lydia Doak)

Hannah Doak, on September 30, 1792, married Charles Segar at Boston (Same Source as Lydia Doak)

Marriage of James Doak Jr. and wife Janet (Boyes). Their children:

Marget, Apr. 16, 1771

Martha, May 12, 1773

Fanny, July 3, 1775

Betty, March 8, 1781

James (Jr.), June 12, 1783

John, June 30, 1785

Nancy, Sept. 13, 1788

Source for all the above is “Ancestors of the Colonists of Londonderry” p. 60

Marriage of Robert Doak to Abigal Crosby Nov. 3, 1810 (“Ancestors of the Colonists of Londonderry” p. 141 )

Marriage of Betsey Doak to John Orne, Feb. 13, 1803 (“Ancestors of the Colonists of Londonderry” p. 205)

Marriage of Alexander (Captain?) Doak to Sarah Jane Davidson, May 22, 1855 at Belfast, Maine. Source is (Maine Marriages to 1875 -

William Doake - Sloop Captain in 1730. On Nov 13, 1730 and May 16, 1751.had an ad in either the Boston Newsletter or the Massachusetts Gazette Advertisement index. 1704 - 1776 by Andrew W. Pollock III. Heritage Books Archives (CD)

William Doak - Portsmouth, N.H. Tax Lists 1754 (more)

Sarah Doak of Boston - May 9, 1791. Warned out of Cambridge, Ma. (Near Boston). “Cambridge Warnings Out”

John Doak died 10/21/1827 at Dracut, Ma. If 70, birth date was 1757. Buried at Dracut. Source is Massachusetts Town Death Records -

William Doak died April 2, 1827. If 70, birth date was 1757. Buried at Dracut. Source as above.

Abigail Doak died August 28, 1807 at Dracut, Ma. If 70, birth date was 1737. Buried at Dracut - Source as shown above.

Robert Doak, born May 14, 1727 to James and Martha (Rankin) Doak. Source ( First Church of Boston Record) ( The Records of the Churches of Boston - by Dunkle and Lainhart - NEHGS CD)

Marriage of James Doack and Martha Sterling (2nd marriage for Martha {Rankin}) August 5, 1726 at First Church (Unitarian) Boston. Source (as immediately above.).

Joseph Doaks married Elizabeth Whittington July 25, 1747 at Boston. At Trinity Church. Source (As Above).

Joseph Doaks was christened at Trinity Church in Boston on October 7, 1753. Source (As above)

Lydia Doaks was christened at Trinity Church in Boston on September 28, 1758. Source (As Above)

Lydia Doaks was admitted to the Old South Church at Boston on January 19, 1728. Source (As Above)

James Doaks was Christened at Trinity Church at Boston on July 28, 1754. Source (As Above).

Lydia Doaks was married October 25, 1739 to Charles Follet at Trinity Church in Boston. (As Above)

John Doaks was a sponsor to a baby named John Ancone, son of Anthony Ancone. August 15, 1759 at Boston. Source (As Above).

John Doaks was born to John and Elizabeth Doaks on November 18, 1750. Trinity Church. Source (As Above)

William Doaks was born on November 27, 1748 to Joseph (Could it be John?) and Elizabeth Doaks at Boston. Trinity Church Source (As Above)

Mary Doaks was Christened on March 5, 1756. Daughter of John and Tabitha Doaks. Source (As Above)

Hannah Doak was married to Charles Segar on September 30, 1792 at Trinity Church Boston. Source (As Above)

Polly Doak married John Hind on July 15, 1781 at Trinity Church Boston. Source (As Above)

Lydia Doak married Thomas Pooke November 15, 1795 at New North Church Boston. Source (As Above)

Tabitha Doak married Benjamin Davis on December 29, 1763 at New North Church Boston. Source (As Above)

Bridget Doak married John Shelton on January 8, 1792 at New North Church Boston. Source (As Above)

Mary Doak married William Dyer on April 19, 1795 at New North Church Boston. Source (As Above).

William D. Doak married Dorcas Brown on September 19, 1805 at First Church of Boston. Source (As Above).

Margaret Doak was a sponsor on August 24, 1770 for the Christening of an infant, Ann Shea, daughter of Adam and Ann Shea of Boston , at King’s Chapel, Boston. Source (As Above)

James Doak was baptised November 1, 1741 at Old South Church at Boston. Parents are William Doak and Lydia Doak. Source (As Above).

Hannah Doak was baptised November 25, 1770 at Christ Church at Boston. Parents were John Doak and Hannah. Source (As Above)

Bridget Doak was baptised July 26, 1772. No parents listed so she must have been an adult. Source (As Above).

William Doak was baptised October 17, 1731 at Old South Church in Boston. Parents were William Doak and Lydia. Source (As Above).

John Doak was a sponsor on October 6, 1758 for an infant Nicholas Joseph Dyer, so of Nicholas and Alice Dyer at King’s Chapel Church at Boston. Source (As Above).

Elizabeth Doak was baptised February 3, 1733 at Old South Church at Boston. Parents were William and Lydia. Source (As Above).

Sarah Doak was baptised on January 11, 1735 at Old South Church Boston. Parents were William Doak and Lydia. Source (As Above)

Joanna Doak was Baptised June 2, 1728 at Old South Church Boston. Parents were William Doak and Lydia. Source (As Above).

Joanna Doak was baptised September 28, 1729 at Old South Church Boston. Parents were William Doak and Lydia. This may have been a second child with this name because of the early death of the 1728 child. Source (As Above).

John Doak was baptised on September 18, 1726 at Old South Church Boston. Parents were William Doak and Lydia. Source (as above).

James Doack “from Virginia” was warned out of Boston on July 17, 1725. Source (Record Commissioners Report “Records of Boston Selectmen, 1716-1736” (1885) {Vol. 13} P. 141.)

Hannah Doke on April 7, 1793, married Nathaniel Brown at Second Baptist Church Boston. Source (Marriage records, Second Baptist Church)

James Doak on November 16, 1768, married Hanna Devereau at Marblehead, Ma.. Source “Descendents of John Devereau”

Samuel Doak (Reverend) (August 1749 - Dec. 12, 1830) on October 31, 1775 married Esther Montgomery. Source (Montgomery-Houston Family, Rockbridge Co., Va.)

Samuel Doak, father of Reverend Samuel Doak, was married to Jane Mitchell in Chester County, Pa. before going to Augusta County, Va.. They were both from Northern Ireland. They had at least three sons - the third being Reverend Samuel. Source (As Directly Above.)

William Doak was on the Tax List at Portmouth, N.H. from 1754 until 1770 (16 years). He was named as a Captain starting in 1758. His address was “South Side of Craffords Lane”. Was this Captain William Doak related to the Capt Doak (captain of a Sloop) at Boston in 1731 and 1751? Seems likely.

William Doak and Jeane sold land in 1756, 1761 and finally in 1769 the Elsworth property by him without Jeane. She might have died before then. He may have died in 1770. (See Below).

George Doag was on the above Tax list in 1772 with the same address of “South Side of Craffords Lane”. Is George the above William Doak’s son? Did William die in 1770/71? Source “Tax List of Portsmouth.”

William Doaks was on the list of grantees of Elsworth, N.H. (Ask Barbara what date?)

William Doak was captured after the ship he was on (The Angelica - a 16 gun Brigateen) was taken by the British. He was sent to England and imprisoned at Forton Prison, England in May of 1778. He was shown as being from Massachusetts. No info on what happened to him. Source (American Prisoners at Forton Prison, England.)

John Doak (cooper) worked on Ann Street and lived on Middle-street. b. 1751. His son grew up to be Captain John Doak who married Mary Barrett. Mary died June 27, 1858 at age 75. He was there in 1787 until 1796. John may have been married to Elizabeth Doak also shown as living in Boston in 1798 same address as John. source (The 1789 Boston City Directory) with notes added.

James Doak married Hannah Devereau on November 16, 1768. Hannah b. May 28, 1749 and died November 4, 1775 at the age of 28 years 6 months. Their children were baptized at Marblehead:

Ruth April 15, 1770, Hanna February 2, 1772 and Lydia December 19, 1773. James may have married a second time to Sarah Wallace at Marblehead Jan. 11, 1778. Source for Wallace is unknown. The Source for the rest is (Descendents of John Devereau) (As Above)

Hannah Doak was born November 25, xxxx to John Doak and Hannah at Christ Church, Boston. Source (Church Records)

Nathaniel Doak (Captain) wifes name was Hannah Millikin. She died after he did at Newtonville, June 10, 1858? at age 75. She was formerly from Elsworth, Maine.

James and Martha (Rankin) daughters are Martha, Margaret and Esther. Source (John Threfall’s addendum to his “Hugh Sterling of Conway, N.H.”.

Bridget Doak was baptised on July 26, 1772 at the New Brick Church at Boston. Source (Church Records)

John Doak of Londonderry 1718 went to Donegal, Pa. in 1725 after selling his farm in Londonderry. This is documented by a note on the Deed selling his farm and also he shows up on the 1727 Tax List for Donegal.

John Doak, Brother of Samuel Doak, was in Virginia (Augusta County) April 17, 1746 (Law suit against Samuel by Patrick Hays.) (Chalkley Vol 1, Page 294 August, 1746)

John Doacke and Sam Doacke show up in 1742 in Capt. John Christians’s Militia list. (Waddell . p. 508-509)

John Doak has a Will dated March 21, 1804. Children were John, Samuel, Thomas Mitchell, Julia, Nancy, Rosannah, Betsey Wilson, Washington, David. Executors were Samuel Doak Sr. and David.

John Doage, a farmer, on November 19, 1746 sold 400 acres that was patented to him on Jan. 12, 1746 - on James River on west side Blue ridge. (Chalkey - Deed Book 1 pl. 266)

John Doak shows up in the Augusta County census of 1810 - himself plus two females. (Chalkley)

John Doak shows up in 1790 Census at Massachusetts.

John Doak shows up in 1800 census at Kentucky.

John Doak shows up on 1790 census at North Carolina, himself and 2 males under 16 and 3 females.

Elizabeth Wilson was the widow of James Wilson. Mary Wilson was their daughter. When John Wilson died he willed 1/4 of HIS plot to his Widow Elizabeth and 1/4 to his daughter Mary and 1/2 to John McClurg. Source (Willey’s Nutfield P. 160 map of Eayers Range and again on P.163) Why did McClurg inherit so much?

Early 1700’s information relative to Doak’s and Scotch Irish.

The settlers of Augusta County in 1730’s and later were coming into port at New Castle on the Deleware.

Settlers from Ireland:

James Anderson preached the first sermon at John Lewis’s house in 1738 “in the Valley”. Not specific where.

Augusta County was not organized until 1745. Prior to that all legal matters were handled at the Orange County Court. This would have covered the years 1726 to 1745.

Rev. John Craig was the first minister permanently assigned to the Presbyterians in the southern part of Beverly’s Manor.

The Tinkling Springs Church was organized on August 11, 1741. (Waddell)

Until 1745, conditions in Augusta County were quite singular. There were no roads to speak of, no wheeled vehicles. All buildings were log dwellings. Furniture was primitive and scanty.

Tax lists were started in 1742 in Augusta County. (Waddell)

Mary Greenlee, daughter of Epraim McDowell in 1737 with her brother James McDowell were in Beverley’s Manor. Greenlee must have been her married name as she is referred to as “Mrs. Mary Greenlee”.

The Doaks were living in the Augusta County Settlement in 1745. (Waddell p. 44.).

The Tinkling Springs Church was started on April 14, 1745, only partially completed. Rev. Craig was not happy. (Waddell p. 50)

“Colonel Doak” was influential in the organization of the Bethel Congregation between Bethel and Hebron. (Waddell p. 76) Maybe circa 1798.

Rev. Samuel Doak DD. Born August 1749 in Augusta County. Educated at Princeton 1775. Minister at Hanover Presbyterian in 1777. Wife Hester Montgomery. Founded Washington College, Tennessee. Died 12/12/1830. (Waddell p. 313)

Robert Doak (Colonel) Elected to represent Augusta County in the House of Delegates April 1812. (Waddell p. 390) Robert Doak commanded the Ninety-third regiment of militia for many years. In 1813 he raised Troops and because of his advanced age, was not given command of these troops. He therefore resigned his commission in March of 1813. (Waddell p. 393) He was a veteran of the Revolutionary war and no doubt earned his title of Colonel at that time. He was also a Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of Augusta County. He was an elder in the Bethel Church and died March 12, 1832. (Waddell p. 416)